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The lightning of patio

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For patio you can choose some piece of your territory: near the water, away from buildings, next to the barbecue area or at the exit from the premises. Usually choice is depend of the set of objectives that will serve patio. However, there are other points that must be considered. So, think about how well […]

The lighting is the important aspect of landscape design

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The presence of outdoor lighting system is necessary on the territory both in the evening, and at night, it allows to prolong comfortable and safe staying of the people outside the house. In addition to the purely utilitarian purpose, landscape lighting can be used for decorative purposes. Very popular is the method of point highlight. […]

How to decorate your home with outdoor Christmas lights.

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Can you imagine modern holiday without bright and variety illuminate show? It creates a special atmosphere of fun and joy, lets us forget about drab existence. Of course, the most bright and important holiday for us is Christmas. Nothing pleases as so strong for the New year, as the real New Year’s illumination, which allows […]

Garden lamps and lighting

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Usually garden lights are made of high quality materials. And such goods not depend of any weather conditions. Landscape designs in the distribution of garden lighting often use the method of the direction of the light source on specific object. Thus, if in the center of the garden you have small artificial pond, than you […]

Design of the decorative lighting of the croft

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Today country life becomes for the inhabitants of large cities not only seasonal whim. More and more residents prefer the year-round charm of cottage settlements, nice cottages, living in the outskirts and suburbs, because its more better the city noisy. Your piece of nature, encased in a frame of house perimeter, can and have to […]

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